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March 25, 2011

Memories of My Mom
10 years ago today my wonderful mom passed away SO suddenly and unexpected. So much has happened in the past decade. Rob and I got married less than 3 months after she died. It was so hard. Mom helped me pick out flowers for the arch a bouquets just a couple weeks before she died. Our wedding and the first years of our marrriage were tough. Such a loss I had suffered and just didn't know what to do with my sadness and hurt. Now we are blessed with 3 beautiful children . As much as I wish for my mom to be here I have accepted that she is gone. Time does heal, but I will always miss her. I went through some old photo albums today, it felt good to do.
At a market in Mexico

H St. Rd Deck eating a popcicle

I think this was Natasha's baptism day

Michele's 7th birthday party at Grandma Dorothys
"Hold me Hold me" I would say to my mom,
she held me at 8 months pregnant.

I think this is Christmas of 1978

Mom & Michele

Vintage Family

Jeremy, Jill, Grandma Alma & Mom in Grandma &
Grandpas back yard

Me, Michele, Mom and Tasha at
Michele & Vance's wedding

Brielle, Amara & I today holding the beautiful
flowers that were sent to me in honor of my Mom


Jonathan and Kristen said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I haven't seen any of them before. Your mom was such a beautiful lady with a warm, inviting smile. It's also neat to see you and your siblings when you were younger and to notice the various family resemblances. Your dear family has been in my thoughts and prayers all day.
I think your mom would be so proud of the beautiful mom you have become yourself! The joy in the faces of you and your girls speaks to the courage and resilience that you and the rest of your family have demonstrated in the face of such heartbreaking losses. I pray that God will continue to uphold your family and bring you into an even closer relationship with Him.

On a completely different note...THANK YOU for the birthday blocks! They are adorable and the girls went crazy over them! We've begun the countdown already!

Rebecca said...

celebrating your mom's life today. she was sooooo much fun. looking at pics of her smile just warms my heart. Hug.

michele said...

Love this! Love these pictures!! I need you to email me some. What a wonderful role model and dear mother we had. I am so thankful for her. And for you!

Joelle said...

So precious! That picture of your mom and Michele looks like Merit with a wig on!

It's so nice to hear you speak about this ten year journey that you've been on. It gives me hope.

Joelle said...

I meant Willem :)

the story of my life... said...

Perfect post! Thinking of you...

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