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March 1, 2012

Wow, It has been awhile since I have been on here. I guess I am a 1980s girl because I still like to pick up the phone and talk to people. Looking back on 2011. In January I felt the need to do something creative and fulfilling for me in my spare time. Since art and hands on activity has always been my forte I opened up an etsy shop. Now THIS I did online, so I guess I am a business women of the 2000s. lol! I love that I can do it in my spare time around my husbands and kids schedules. My shop name automatically was my user name Lesha625. At first I was unable to change it, but now I can. I want to have a fitting, catchy, easy to spell and remember name. Please comment and throw out any ideas you have. I do a lot of monogram signs, address sign, some children's art and I love to upcycle- paint or reuse old things to update them or spice them up. Some ideas I have are Primped&Painted, ColorMeHappy, SpiceItUpDecor, LoveLesha. What does everyone think? I do mostly custom painted monogram and address signs. But I do some childrens art, and up cycling too. I want to continue to do it all. Most of my items involve painting, and when I up cycle I make old things look pretty again (or primped) by painting them.

September 10, 2011

Back to School

September is already here. We are getting into the swing of school. I am so disappointed I left my camera at Hovander Park a few weeks ago. Luckily I still have my phone to capture some first day of school photos.

Amara is in Kindergarden at Isom. I was so excited when we found out Mrs. Anker is her teacher. Kai had her and she has a way of keeping a class full of 5 year olds attention. She does a lot of little songs and rhymes to keep learning fun. Amara loves it and has 3 other little girls in her class who she knows a little and look forward to her developing friendships with them. I look forward to hearing stories about her day. I will be volunteering in her class a few times a month.

Brielle is going to My First School and has Teacher Leslie. She is an amazing teacher who has lots of patience, experience and faith. The rocking horse that fits 3 people is usually where Brie is when I get there to pick her up. She has show and tell each day and loves to put it in her backpack and hang it on her hook. Our next door neighbor Sam is going too, so me and his mom, Joy, are taking turns driving. Sam and Brielle spend a lot of time together and we hoped the two of them wouldn't goof off to much. So far so good!

I tried several times to get Kai to pose for the camera, or I mean just look at the camera. He is not into it! Hopefully if I don't push it he'll get over it soon. This is about the best I could get on one of his first days waiting for the bus. He is so good with the neighbor baby, sweet little Libby.

Kai is blessed to have Mrs. VanDiest for 2nd grade. He has a lot of kids in his class from last year. But he also loves to meet new friends too. His teacher last year said "Kai is so kind to everyone." Yah, that make me proud. He is doing well in school and even gets a little disappointed if he get a satisfactory S and not an S+. I told him, "Everything doesn't have to be perfect, just try your best." He is learning to respect, be responsible and to stay focused.

We had such a fun summer, September has been beautiful too. I hope now that there is more of a schedule that I can have a little more time to myself. I want to walk, get organized, and do more etsy items. I will post some summer pictures and etsy stuff on here soon.

July 9, 2011

Amara is 5!

Amara had her birthday a few weeks ago. She wanted a strawberry shortcake theme party and wanted to invite LOTS of people. The list of about 30 was narrowed down to about 7 or 8 little girls. What fun they had painting nails, hitting the pinata and eating cake.

Amara is starting Kindergarden this year. She is excited and ready, she likes to pretend to read and write her letters.

Favorite Things:

Dress Up (notice how she has her healed princess shoes
on with her swim suit)

Memory, and she is good at it, she beats me now!!

Being in the Water

Painting, Coloring, any kind of arts and crafts
Being a teacher or helper

Ready to go the her friend Audrey's to swim

When we sang happy birthday

Last year

When she was 3!

Almost sleeping on the Merry go round summer '08

Her 1st Birthday

Baby Amara Karen

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