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March 1, 2012

Wow, It has been awhile since I have been on here. I guess I am a 1980s girl because I still like to pick up the phone and talk to people. Looking back on 2011. In January I felt the need to do something creative and fulfilling for me in my spare time. Since art and hands on activity has always been my forte I opened up an etsy shop. Now THIS I did online, so I guess I am a business women of the 2000s. lol! I love that I can do it in my spare time around my husbands and kids schedules. My shop name automatically was my user name Lesha625. At first I was unable to change it, but now I can. I want to have a fitting, catchy, easy to spell and remember name. Please comment and throw out any ideas you have. I do a lot of monogram signs, address sign, some children's art and I love to upcycle- paint or reuse old things to update them or spice them up. Some ideas I have are Primped&Painted, ColorMeHappy, SpiceItUpDecor, LoveLesha. What does everyone think? I do mostly custom painted monogram and address signs. But I do some childrens art, and up cycling too. I want to continue to do it all. Most of my items involve painting, and when I up cycle I make old things look pretty again (or primped) by painting them.


Trisha Brink Design said...

Hey Leesha, just saw your plea for help on Facebook...and thought hey...I'd want someone to answer this for here I am on the fly! :)
I know where you are coming from. This is tougher than you might think!
I just looked up the word primp...and it said something about to make something pretty in a fussy way. I have to tell you...this makes me think of scary Victorian stuff...not to mention primp sounds a bit like "hey yo...pimp my ride!" or in your case "hey yo...primp my home!" Hee hee hee...

When I look at your things I think of something "Hip and also... Charming" I would steer clear of locking yourself into a name that says too much about what you do right now in case you decide to change it up later. Keep it simple like you don't want to sound festidious. I also love your personal name (Lesha)'s so maybe capitolize on that? I personally like the names of shops that don't really mean anything...other than to define a "feel" of what their shop carries.

ok, I'm rambling I hope you can find something you like. I also hope you are ok with all this constructive criticism I'm offering per your request. I love businesses...and naming them too! When we named Grandiflora we all sat around a dining table with an old fashioned rotary phone and took turns lifting it up and "fake" answering it!! Haaa!!! OH YES WE DID! ;D

My random names for you: (now I sound like a fortune cookie "your lucky numbers are: 22, 45, & 9") hee hee hee...

1. LeshaLoves
2. HomeCharms
3. PotluckHome

Not thinking you'll use 'em...but at least it's a wall to bounce your ideas off of!

Whatever you decide...I'm sure you'll do great! All my best!

Lesha said...

Trisha, I actually love hearing what you have to say. I like HomeCharms. I know what you mean about primp! lol

kate steinbeck said...

I like that you mentioned the word Spice....sounds catchy.

-Leshas spice rack
-my spice, your life
-a pinch of spice
-spicin' it up
-spice it up, lesha

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