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March 3, 2011

I Just Opened a Shop on Etsy!!

Here are some examples of some of my winter crafting creations. It's been a lot of fun making them. I have a 15 percent off coupon good through March 5th.

Here are a few things I've made

To see more you can google Lesha625 and that will get you to my Etsy shop. Check out some of the other shops too, there is a huge variety of original cool vintage and handmade items.


Natasha said...

LOVE this stuff! Good for you girl! :)

Rick and Kelly said...

You are so creative! I really love all of these!!!


thank you for your comment. yes wet and wild lipsticks has came a long way. i love there new matte line. there not drying on the lips like most matte lipsticks are.
i never heard of the lipstick from wet and wild called 4something.
maybe if i find it ill try it!

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