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April 16, 2011

APRIL 2011

For Spring break we went down to Edmonds and stayed at Rob's Dad's house and spent some time in Seattle. We went to the Aquarium, Science Center, and Childrens Museum. We all had so much fun. I loved just being with the family and not having to cook is always a bonus. Rob's sister Audrey met us and spent the day with us at the Museum on the first day. It was fun to get to see her too.

Kai's favorite was the outdoor water exhibit at the science center and the star wars exhibit at the science center. I am NOT a star wars person. But I did try to act interested for Kai, but it was tough for me to fake it. ; ) I guess it is something you have a real passion for or don't.

Amara's favorite were the tarantulas at the science center. I guess she isn't scare of spiders. She also liked the imagination studio at the museum where the kids painted and played with clay.

Brielle loved the play Taco Time restaurant at the museum. It was set up all cute with tables, a cash register and play food. She also liked watching the scuba diver at the aquarium.

Rob and I both liked watching the Hubble Space Telescope movie in the Imax theater at the science center. Atleast we can agree on something. ; )


Natasha said...

FUN! I too have a star wars obsessed child. We will be going to Legoland this next week just to see the Star Wars Mini Land! Yippee! Your kids have changed a lot, especially Brielle. It must be the bangs, she looks very different to me. Can't wait to see you guys this summer!

michele said...

What fun!! Brielle does look so different with bangs and she is looking more and more grown up. Your kids are at fun ages for a trip like that!

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