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December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Hutchisons

Gettin' Crafty makes me Happy!

I love to craft and be creative. This is a frame that I painted white, mod podged newspaper Christmas song sheets (an insert from the Lynden Tribune), that was the most time consuming part. Then I put a red printed background paper behind the glass frame. I wanted to embellish it with something. I went to Michaels and got a sheet of green adhesive felt, cut a tree shape out, and added rhinestones for ornaments and a star treetopper. The last thing I thought I needed was a tree trunk. I walked out my front door and tore a little piece of twig off one of my trees and glued it on. I love the way it turned out and it was so much fun to do. I am not sure if I will give this for a gift or keep it for myself.

I love to decorate my house in my spare time, paint, and be creative. I have so many ideas in my head, but finding the uninterrupted time isn't always easy. Often I stay up after the kids go to bed and Rob is on his stretch of nights. Or I do crafty stuff with my kids. I have learned to just have fun even if things don't turn out exactly how I may have expected.

This was our gingerbread house.

Amara sad, Kai acting crazy, and Brielle not too sure

It did not turn out quite how we expected
BUT, we had fun with it. I frosted it and then let the kids put the candy on while I held it up. I took my hands off and it fell. Amara was really sad. But I told her, it's alright. Next year we'll do a premade one or do the butterscotch gingerbread cookies I usually do (and they taste much better). I just laughed and said "Oh shucks" The kids had fun eating it.

Crafty Little Lady
Amara is quite the crafty little lady. She painting this ceramic tree by herself and glued all the ornaments on it. My Grandma Dorothy had one like this when I was a kid and I remember thinking it was so neat how it had a little light inside that showed off all the colored little lights. Kinda like a light bright. So when I saw this at Kmart on sale for $12, I thought it would be the perfect project for Amara. She has also been coloring little chipboard ornaments. I got a pack at Michaels. I LOVE that store. It gets my creative juices flowing.

I love having a fireplace and adding some festive decor is so fun. The stocking holders Rob bought, I still need to put pictures of the kids in the frames. The candles I got at Michaels and the beaded garland too. The joy garland I made with ribbon, chipboard, background paper, and embossed stamps. It was missing something. I ran across some coffee filter crafts ideas on a blog. I made this flower from filters, the leaves are felt and the center is little pom pom balls.

And another garland.....
This one I made a few years back. Some funky fibers, felt leaves, paper poinsettias, ribbon and twine.

I have been inspired by my sisters and other bloggers to show off some of my creating on my blog. I hope to do more in the coming new year.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Thank you to all of you for the Christmas cards. We love getting them in the mail and seeing pictures of kids and families changing each year.


Rick and Kelly said...

I love that you posted some pics of your creations Lesha. Love your style too! Your house looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas! Hope you are enjoying your loved ones <3 kelly from Coronado

Lisa said...

I hope you post more because those are really great! I love the look of your fireplace!

Joelle said...

Even if our creations don't always turn out the way we expect, it IS about the experience. Good for you Lesha! It was so fun to reconnect with Natasha while she was here. I'm sure you all had such a good time together. Take care in 2011!

michele said...

Your house looked sooo cute decked for Christmas!
Can't wait for a PRICELINE baby!

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