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May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

I had a fun day today, but not at all relaxing! That is alright though, my kids won't be little forever. Kai has actually been a big helper lately. He can get Brielle's bottle and heat it up on his own. If Brie has a shit (oops, maybe I shouldn't say that) in her pants that I didn't realize until I get the diaper off he can get me more wipes. He even puts his clothes in the laundry without me asking him. Wonderful. I know there are some men that don't even do that. Hmmmm, I won't mention any names. I do thank Rob and his mom for encouraging Kai to help me since Rob isn't around. So I was up a lot last night with Brielle . She was histarical. Flailing, kicking, screaming in so much pain. I figured it must be her ears. So, I got up this morning, called the doctor and took her in. She has an infection in both ears. Poor baby. So after we went to the doctor I thought since it was such a beautiful day I would take the kids to cornwall park. Brielle loves to swing, Amara is loving the park this year, going down all the slides and Kai is into making friends. Today he befriended a oriental boy named Usher. I am excited to see who his friends are in school.

Then we came home and I got to see Rob for about 20 minutes between him waking up, showering, I went to go get Brie's prescription, I opened up my cards and Rob & the kids got me a gift certificate to the good old Lynden Sports World. I am excited to use it. Hug and kiss to Rob and he went to go have lunch with his mom before work. We went to Granma Alma's for some pie, came home, went for a walk before the rain came, made dinner and now here I am.

Yesterday me and the kids went to the cemetary to bring a flower to my mom's grave. I have not been there in probably 3 years. Amara has never been. I told Kai and Amara what we were going to Grandma Karens grave. When we got out of the car I asked who wanted to carry the flower. Of course I should have known better, that started a fight. Of course Kai & Amara both wanted to. I was not feeling up to breaking up a fight in the middle of the cemetary. Could you imagine? So, Kai, gave in and let Amara. I was glad because usually it is the other way around. So, as Amara is carrying it so nicely with both hands, she looked up and said confused and sad, "Oh, she isn't here yet, mommy, where is she?" When we got to the grave I pointed down and said she is in the ground because she died, she is in heaven. Then Kai started asking questions "What does she look like in there?" I said, "Her body is probably just bones now." he said "Can we dig it up to see her?" I said "No, only the worker can dig new graves." Can we go and play in that dirt over there mom?" (A new dug grave with lots of fresh dirt looks like a lot of fun to a five year old boy) I answered the best I could.


Lisa said...

Happy Mothers Day! It is nice to have a big boy who can help so much! Hope the days of Rob being gone so much end quickly!!!!

Natasha said...

Those kids of yours are adorable! I've had the experience of trying to explain the whole cemetery to Lane before too, it's gets a little complicated. Glad that you had a good Mothers day (as good as it can be with 3 little ones :)

Erin said...

Oh, Happy Mother's Day!! I can't wait to play with the kiddos in Hawaii! What fun we will have=)

Jamie said...

I'm glad that you had a good Mother's Day. Oh boy, I can just imagine all the questions the kids would have had...
It reminds me of when I was little and we'd drive by the Lynden Cemetary and I thought that that is where they buried the cows (since it was next to Lynden Meat Company). You'd think that by living on a farm I would know where the cows actually went (on our plates...).

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