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May 16, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Brielle!

I can't believe our baby is already one year old. I remember one year ago so clearly. Going to Kai's tball, eating at Dairy Queen and feeling yucky after. Everyone went to bed and I kept having contractions closer together and more painful. Woke up Rob and called my sister Natasha at about 1 or 2 am and had Brielle about 10 minutes after I got in my room at the hospital. What a an exhausting wonderful day that was.

It is so amazing how fast babies grow. Brielle is doing well, not walking yet, but she can crawl fast! We had a bday party for her today at our house. She loved the cake and icecream. Here is a picture of Brie & Sam who lives next door. He just turned one too! His big sister, Abby claims he's in love with Brie. :) And their is one of Amara singing to Brielle with Dad because she was sad she missed it the first time.


Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Brielle! She is so adorable! She's changed so much since I saw her at Christmas :( Can't wait to see her soon.

Grandma Caroline said...

I hope her birthday was as memorable as her birth was for you. She is so cute, I can see why the boy next door is googoo over her.

michele said...

She is soo cute!! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Brielle! One year old! Time really does fly! Take Care, Aunt Michele

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