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June 5, 2010

What I've been up to...............

Cute timer shot, even Daisy the dog got in it.

We had a summertime favorite things party at Tana's house yesterday. Everyone brought ten $5 summery gifts, all the same. I brought bright colored nail polish and a sugar foot scrub for each of the girls. I came home with lots of fun stuff. A beach towel, matted photo by Jamie, makeup bag, beautiful flowers, ice tea carafe, flower citronela candle, just to name a few. It's kinda like going shopping with friends, but no decisions to make and we all like the same kind of stuff. It was fun seeing all the girls and having some "Lady" time. Tana's a great hostess!

Melanie and I drove together and we were laughing because she said, "So, what have you been doing? " It is weird because I am so busy, but so often when people ask I don't even know what to tell them. I am home quite a bit since Brielle still naps. Rob and I like to get the kids to bed by 8 so they get enough sleep and we still have some time before we go to sleep. We like to watch Modern Family, The Office, and Forensic files type shows. Sometimes we play Scategorries. Rob and I get a little competitive. We'll let the winner of the game pick what show we watch. Last time I had the great idea loser gets up with the kids in the morning, I lost. Dang. Rob and I do date nights every week or two, usually dinner. It is so nice of his Mom and Denny to come out. We went to Las Vegas last month and they stayed with the kids. SO fun. We have not had a whole weekend together without kids, ever. Went to a show, walked around, played a little black jack and slots, went to some great restaurants and got SUN.

Borat look alike, he talked just like him,
we had to get a picture!

Anyway, I break up quite a few fights, give time outs and chase kids. I am always trying to figure out what to deal with and what to let go as far as what the kids do and in my life too. I think I am going to do a summer sheet of rules and think of a job or two for Kai and Amara. It won't be too much, but just enough to make my summer a little easier and so they know more what is expected. I'd love it if anyone has any good ideas. I try my best to be in control of my kids, without being controling. To have organization of the house without being obsessive about it. And to have time with Rob, time to myself & with friends a family.

Brielle running from me

I answer ALOT of kid questions. Like, Amara asked today, "What if Santa dies, then will we still get presents?" I told her, maybe he has a grandson that take over. Kai asked "Are there more english or spanish people in the world?" I guess he thinks we are english since we talk English. I told him I did not know. Some things I have the answer to and some I don't. Brielle doesn't ask questions yet, but does have an opinion of her own and lets me know! I kiss a lot of owies. The other day Brielle got a little scratch. I kissed her and said, "Poor Baby" she looks and me and said, "I not baby." Me and Rob looked at eachother and said, "Did she just say that?" She did. It was really funny because I think that is her first full sentence she
has ever spoke.

It is hard to get a good picure of them! I try!

I like the house to be clean and it bugs me to get behind on stuff. I am teaching the kids to help with some stuff. Amara takes out the recycling, Kai empties the dishwasher sometimes. I do need to get creative and try to make it fun for them so they want to do it. I set a timer for Kai to empty the dishwasher and then the next time he tries to beat his time. Things aren't put away exactly how I want them to be, but that's OK. I love to organize and schedule for things. I usually do shopping for the week on Mondays or Tuesdays. And sometimes on that day I go to a fun store too. A day for laundry each week, a day for other cleaning. It's crazy how fast time can fill up. I love to decorate and do crafty things. Amara was still in her toddler bed up until a week ago. I went to a thrift store and bought a twin bed. She wanted me to paint it pink. Rob went and got a new mattress I got some cute sheets and comforter and here it is. She loves it!



We go for walks to the park a lot. The kids play outside and I love planting flowers and gardening. I play with my kids and act goofy with them. I love taking pictures of them and putting them in frames, on my blog and facebook too. I do playdates with friends. We have an awesome neighborhood. The kids all play together and it is fun for Rob and I to socialize with everyone too.

It seems like there is always a YMCA sport, birthday party, field trip, church activity, class party, doctor or dentist appointments, or something to go to. Kai and Amara just got done with swimming lessons. Now it is field trips and end of year school concerts. I really want our kids to be involved in activities that are good for them. I love watching them and getting to meet parents, kids and teachers. My life kind of revolves around the kids. As challenging and tiring this can be, I love it. I know I won't get these years back.

Roller skating-AWESOME!

Field trip to LHS Barn

Isom Kindergarden Concert

Swimming Lessons @ the YMCA

Farmers Day Parade, Kai was excited to get
to cruise around in the Gator.

A bath in the mudroom.


SLO Rober said...

You're such an awesome mom! You guys have a great family. Wish we lived closer.

michele said...

I enjoyed reading this post! It makes me want to see you guys!! I really like Amara's new bed!

Grandma Caroline said...

Happy belated Birthday Amara. Auntie Caroline forgot. Sorry about that, but I love you anyway.

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