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February 23, 2010

Enjoying My family

Me, Natasha, Lissa & Michele
This winter has definitely had it's happy time and its sad times. I am still thinking of Tasha, Reese and Lane so much. Natasha, Michele and Lissa and I went shopping in Bellevue a couple weekends ago. It was great spending time with them. At such a sad time I want to be with Natasha. She is an amazing person. She is dealing with Cases death it seems in a healthy way and that makes me happy. I love each of these girls SO much. I joked and said we need to keep doing these shopping trips even if one of us is in a wheelchair. We can all take care of eachother, I know that.

Robert "Kai" - 6
Kai has had basketball the last couple months. He seems to like it. I need to be better about encouraging him and geting him pumped up before his games. So, one day it was just me and him going to his game. I said, "Look at the hoop before you shoot. Don't be scared of the other kids, and try to make a lot of baskets today." Well, he had his best game, made 7 baskets and wow was he happy. In this picture he is the one in the middle of the line.

Kai's weird side. He cracks me up! He took this of himself.

I found this when I was checking out this montessori mom website. What you do is fill out a short quiz about your child and then it tells you their strong talents supposedly. I do see truth to it. Here is the link, if you want to try it.

Amara Karen - 3 1/2
Amara is likes to pose!

Amara was in the bathroom for awhile. Hmm, what is she doing? She was mixing water in the chocolate ovaltine and eating it. Doesn's she look guilty here? Amara did a gymnastics at the YMCA and loved it. This picture she was practicing her scoops at home. Amara has a great imagination. She now makes up stories like about her being flushed down the toilet landing in a park. She is so much fun.

Brielle Irene - 1 1/2
She's got Amara's boots on here. She loves to put on shoes.

Brielle is very active. She climbs and loves to be outside. She loves her dolls and books too. She reminds me a lot of Kai when Kai was her age. I took the montessori mom quiz for her (but she's kinda young for it). But I answered the questions the best I could and she ended up getting the same as Kai, Adventurous. And she sure is.

Watching the kids have fun together makes me so happy and blessed.


michele said...

Ohhhh these are cute!!! My boys think it is cool that Kai did so well in his basketball game. Merit says "Lesha has a great blog." I like the Montessori stuff too. Love you! M

Natasha said...

Your kids are so funny. Can't wait to see you guys. Thanks for all you do, for all your prayers and support!

Grandma Caroline said...

I hope you don't mind me signing on but you have had quite a bit going on in your life lately. The kids are so darn cute and Briggs is going to play basketball too. They might enjoy sharing their scores with each other. I love that face Kai is making, makes me miss seeing you guys so much.

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