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July 2, 2009

I Guess I'm Forever Cool

I was talking to a family friend today, Natasha Douma, and she asked if I knew about a wine that is sold at Target called Middle Sister. She said we should have a glass together sometime, she's a middle sister. I was curious to see what this stuff was all about. I googled it and I was laughing to myself. Their are six different wines, Drama Queen, Rebel Red, Wicked White, Mischief Maker, Forever Cool, and Smarty Pants. I had to laugh to myself. There is also a quiz on their website that tells you which of the wines best describes you. I took it and turned out to be the Forever Cool middle sister, it's a merlot. Then I talked to Rob and told him of these "fine" middle sister wines. He said, those are all you. I said I know, but the one that best describes me is Forever Cool.


Hutch said...

I took the test pretending to be you. Sure enough your forever cool. Trying to stay awake at 4am at the refinery. Love you!

michele said...

What a fun post!! You and Natasha D. should have a glass of that wine together!!

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Grandma Caroline said...

I wonder if that would fit Lisa Henderson since she is a middle sister, but of 2 boys?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post Lesha! We've gotten a lot of traffic on our site because of it. Cheers! Rebel Red (friend me on Facebook - I'm a hoot!)

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