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July 23, 2009

Some of the things we've been up to

Ben & Lindy's Wedding

On July 11th Ben & Lindy got married at a beautiful location near Birch Bay. I got to be in the wedding and Amara & Brie were flower girls. Everything was beautiful! I wish I had a picture of her and Ben. The photographer took some great ones, but I tried to put them on my blog and it didn't work. But, here are a few I got and Jamie took the family picture. She just had to do a little editing because the way Brie was sitting on me, it pulled my dress down and my bra was totally showing. Thanks, Jamie, for your editing!

A family photo

Me, Jamie, Amy, Lindy & Mel

I LOVED these arrangements.
Amara is a pro flower girl! Two weddings under her belt
and one scheduled for next summer already. : )

Babo and Brie (sorry, Rob, I shared your childhood nick name)

My Dad was in his element at the barbecue


A visit from the Hutchisons

Rob's Great Grandpa, his Dad and Dad's wife came up for a visit a couple weeks ago. Kai's first name is actually Robert, he is named after all of the men in this picture. We enjoyed the sun and relaxed at our place with them. It is alway good to see them.

Robert 1, Robert 2, Robert 3 & Robert 4

Brielle looks cozy!

Amara LOVES her Grandma T

Raspberry Festival

Every year during raspberry season downtown Lynden streets close down for a
weekend for basketball tournaments and a festival of fun. We walked down one night
for dinner, desert and just something to do with the kids.

Kai & Amara were excited to sit in the volkswagon
van that had a set up in the back to make snow cone.

Kai likes rock climbing!


Lake Cavanaugh

Grandpa Denny teaching Kai how to barbecue

Amara wasn't into wearing a life jacket or being in
the water unless she was naked.


michele said...

Oh these pictures are sooo fun!! I love it! And Will and I enjoyed watching Kai's rock climbing! You, Jamie, Lindy, Amy and Melanie look BEAUTIFUL on the bride and bridesmaids photo!

Natasha said...

All the pictures are so great. Love to see what you've been up to. The wedding looks like it was beautiful. Lindy and you girls look great and I love the dresses!

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