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June 25, 2009

We are having such a fun filled summer. My sister, Natasha, and her 41/2 year old, Lane, came up from California and stayed with us. It was SO nice having her here. I felt kinda bad for her because when she was helping me out a lot. She is due to have a baby in August. Our house wasn't the most relaxing atmosphere with 4 kids 5 and under (including Lane), but the kids had fun and I enjoyed them both being here.

We had Amara's third bday party at our house during their time here. Amara got quite the variety of things, cute clothes, dolls, lipstick (chapstick), a pink guitar and even some red cowgirl boots. She loved having friends and family here for a barbeque, and of course enjoyed her cake. Anyone who knows Amara know she loves her treats. She picked devils food cake and wanted a pink guitar on it.

Last weekend our family (Dad, brothers, Michele, Vance and kids, Tasha and Lane) went to Plain near Leavenworth. This is our third year renting a huge cabin that comfortably sleeps all of us. We just hang out by the campfire, barbeque, and get to spend time together. The cousins have a blast together and time with my siblings is always filled with laughs. It is not very often it works out for the five of us brothers and sisters to get together with our husbands. This year Rob had to work so couldn't come. He was happy to go golfing on his day off as a father's day gift from me and the kids. He also had a quiet house when he got home from work. ; ) As I am going through my pictures I wish I had one of all the cousins together. Shoot! Well their is always next year. My sister, Michele, and Vance are also expecting. It is their third and will be their first girl. It is weird the new baby stage is over for me. We are done. Now I can enjoy being an aunt and holding theirs. Here is a picture of Michele and Natasha both with buns in the oven and glowing. They both are such good moms and those babies in their tummies are blessed already to have them.


Natasha said...

It was very fun being up there and staying with you guys. I enjoyed being able to catch up with you and your family while we stayed there. Thanks for the hospitality! Great pictures! I wished I had gotten more pictures too!

Grandma Caroline said...

That sounds like a wonderful place to hang out with your family! Your sisters all look like you. You are all beautiful, sweet girls. Sounds like it was a fun birthday too!

michele said...

Fun post! Oma's lodge was a blast!! We have to make our weekend trip an annual event... so far it has been three years in a row right? I am lovin' it.
See you in July or August!!!

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