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April 29, 2009

A Field of Dandelions - Spring is Here

I am loving this weather! Today was fun filled. I went with Kai's preschool to the firestation. I love this age, it just cracks me up the little things 4 & 5 year olds get excited about. Wish I had brought my camera. Kai was sure to tell the firemen today that his Daddy is a firefighter (on the fireteam at the refinery) at work. He had to get a little braggin' in about Rob because he misses him so much. It is the turnaround right now. Rob has worked MANY hours and still has a few weeks to go. But, we have Jamie & Chuck's wedding in Hawaii to look forward to in a few weeks. WHOO HOOO! I have never been, and am looking forward to a vacation. I mean trip. A friend of mine said she calls family vacations trips and without kids they are a vacation. That is SO true. It will be fun just being together. I got outside and took a few pictures today. Amara is good about posing for the camera, I posted just a few of many. Natasha Douma babysits Kaitlyn who lives down the street and the kids like to play together . It has been fun getting to know Natasha and meet new people in the neighborhood. I LOVE the dandelions, even though they are weeds, they mean spring is here!


Jamie said...

I love the bright, 'spring'y pictures! I can't wait to see updates on your Blog (and love the 'Party of Five' title - I miss that show). We'll have to go for a walk soon and enjoy this beautiful sunshine!
I can't wait for this weekend!

Lisa said...

YEA! Im so excited you have a blog so we can keep up with the kiddos more! They all look so grown up!

Grandma Caroline said...

I'm following your blog now too! I just love the faces on your kids, they are so cute, they take after you, obviously!

michele said...

Fun post~ I bet the firestation field trip was fun!
Amara looks like a poser - very cute! I wish we could see Natasha Douma more often - she is so sweet and soo good with kids! Glad to see you are blogging!

Natasha said...

Love your blog! Amara looks so dang cute! Can't wait to see your kids soon.

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