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February 10, 2009

Winter '09 it's a full house!

Well, I am new at this, but I have enjoyed looking at Michele and Natasha's so much, I just had to do one. I will get a family picture up soon, I hope, but for now here is a few recent of the kids.
This is my one and only winter to have the 3 kids home full time.Kai starts kindergarden next year! I am loving being a stay at home mom, I do have my rough days, but I have many priceless moments in the day to day life with my family.


michele said...

SO cute! I am glad you have entered the world of blogging! Miss you!

Our growing family farm said...

YEAH! Now I can hopfully keep in touch a bit more-sad huh? Well, that the life with a bunch of babies!

Love your blog!

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